The Opportunity Of Waste

High Volume destination for high rates of recycling.

​​Can be pre-fabricated for cheaper installation.


Designed for incremental building: sold in wall-sized units, whilst still leveraging economies of scale

Made from a simplified and portable production process.

The technology exists to recycle almost anything. The challenge is to do so in ways that are economically viable. Virgin plastic is often so cheap that dirty plastic just isn't worth recycling.

Building materials are needed everywhere, and in huge quantities. They need to be cheap, safe, and good at holding things up. When engineered right, recycled plastic can meet all three needs.

The Power of a Scalable Solution

Our goal is to set-up a thousand workshops within ten years of our first, each recycling around 2 tonnes per day. At this scale, over ten years, this would:
Prevent around 90,000 tonnes of marine leakage per year if located in high-leakage areas (600,000 tonnes total recycled, 150kg/tonne marine leakage rate) - a 10% global reduction.
Enable 1.5 million homes to be built.