In the world's most quickly growing housing markets, most people build their own homes.

But bricks and mortar fail to meet their need for safe housing, and the world's need for a sustainable material.


Houses aren't being built quickly enough.

J Burg Slums.jpg

Global Backlog: 300 million homes.

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Houses that are built are often unsafe.

67% of people in Nepal, as in many other countries, live in inadequate housing.


Housing development is unsustainable.

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8% of the world's carbon comes from cement.

So Why Use Plastic? 

Great insulator

High impact strength

Naturally water-proof

Innovative Design Potential

And Most Importantly...

It's Everywhere.

The potential supply of used plastic in developing countries far exceeds its uses. This makes it worthless, which in turn means that it is not managed.


When it is burnt it causes chronic health problems, creating an estimated 240,000 deaths per year...

...And black carbon that superheats the atmosphere at up to 1500x the rate of CO2, making up 2-10% of global emissions.

It's time to change how we build.